Give escorts a break!

Who do you disrespect more? The john or the whore?

If most people are honest with themselves, they will say, they disrespect the escorts. When we think of prostitutes, we tend to think of the nasty skank opening her legs for any guy that will buy the next fix of heroine or crack. The reality though is that is really the garbage can end of the escorting and prostitution experience or motivation. There is another side to the sex industry. There really is such a thing as a “high class” call girl, and her level of class is not determined by her appearance or etiquette. It’s determined by her motivation.

High dollar escorting exists a because of the raw deal women get in life

Most escorts, not street walkers, live in decent home drive decent cars, don’t do drugs, and you’d never know who they are unless you hired one. It’s not about being a nasty woman with low self-respect. Usually it’s about getting out of traps provided by men.

The reality of the pay disparity in this country is that women make 76 cents on the dollar as compared to men doing the same work, and even less if a woman takes a typically “pink-collar” job. Most jobs for women pay under $10 per hour. Full time work earns them $1600 per month. A mother of three can’t provide for her children on that. If she can’t get free babysitting, she is in worse straights, because she may have to pay all of her monthly income just to have someone else raise her kids. Even with food vouchers or other types of government assistance, it’s hard out there for a single mother…which is the case with most women who take up escorting.

So what seems to be an issue with escorts

Compounding the problem is the fact that children do better in life if they are raised by a parent than they do if raised by babysitters. A woman working full time often doesn’t get the kind of time with her kids that her kids need. Since it pays as much as $500 per hour, escorting provides a way out. It gives women options, and therefore power that they might not otherwise have.

It’s easy to judge a woman with no other marketable skills and tell her to go to school, or to find other sorts of work, but what do you tell the woman who has been married to the man of her dreams, has her whole world mapped out, and who then has it shattered when he runs off with some other woman and refuses to pay child support? School is all good for the “if-come”, but the landlord wants his money this month!

The reality is that if we want to curb escorting in this country, the only option we have is to first recognize the horrible predicament that women far too often find themselves in, and then to do something about it. There is no reason, for example, that a government can guarantee student loans to would-be college students, but has not offered guaranteed child-rearing loans to low income parents seeking to better themselves through schooling.

The parenting of children is a temporary existence. We have it in our power, to help, but instead we hate. Instead of hating the escort for having no self-respect, cherish her for the sacrifice she makes when faced with raising children by herself in a world where the cards are stacked against her.

Don’t think about the exceptions in case of escorts

Think about the rule of escorts girls. It is always a good idea to help those who are oppressed by society. You will find it to freedom and options in life. Single moms faced with tough choices about raising their children aren’t enjoying the pursuit of happiness. They are too busy trying to make sure they aren’t deprived of life. Liberty went out the window when our government spent 80 years failing to pass the E.R.A. May our nation find ways to help those in needs. Rather than chastising them for those things they do as a matter of survival.

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