Interview with escort girl – From Escort Girl to Doctor

Today I conducted an interview with escort girl who is one of my best friends too. I think of her has my best girlfriend – you may think of her as the girl next door advancing herself in a professional career. The truth is that she is an escort – making upwards of three-hundred dollars per year. I was curious, so I compiled some questions and had a candid chat with her about her escort business.

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Lori: What prompted you to become an escort?

Dr. Escort: It was an ad I saw in the local paper, I phoned at first and was shocked at how normal the woman who answered the phone sounded. I guess I was expecting a sleazy old man or a crazy person… Just the misconceptions that you have when you first start I guess. I had some debt at the time, and tuition was coming up and my Starbucks job just wasn’t cutting it.

Lori: What is the main motivation for you to continue this line of work?

Dr. Escort: I am not going to lie; money is a big part of it. It’s the lifestyle, the gifts and the traveling. It’s enabling me to have a future, and to work smart, not hard right now.

Lori: Is the money that great?

Dr. Escort: is great. I don’t think that it is polite to talk about money – but it is a great deal of money, especially for a student working only about twenty hours per week.

Lori: What do you spend most of it on?

Dr. Escort: Well, I am saving for a house and I spend a lot of stuff for my condo – art, shoes of course, and living. Living is Expensive. A large chunk of it

Lori: Is there an agency that you work for? How do they treat you?

Dr. Escort: I do, I think that it would be not only irritating but dangerous to work alone – with no one knowing where you are. Working with an agency comes working with security, and it is worth the portion that I have to pay to the agency from my fee.

Lori: If you have had a problem with a client are there people who can you speak to about it?

Dr. Escort: Oh definitely, we are close (the girls) with the manager of the agency and she would help us with anything if we needed it. Its gets to be a close relationship, we can talk about anything.

Lori: Have you ever had a problem with a client?

Dr. Escort: I had one client who saw me when I wasn’t (working) and than followed me for a while but they manager of the agency quickly cleared it up with some involvement with him, and the agency. It was kind of weird, but I was never scared. I mean, my building has great security but its not like he found out where I lived – I never felt unsafe. I think he was just succumbing to the shock of seeing me in a different situation.

What did we found out nest in our interview with escort girl

Lori: When you see a client is it more than once or a one time event?

Dr. Escort: Usually it is ongoing, its kind of strange but you build a relationship with them. I think it’s almost like they want you to be your girlfriend, but just with the sexual part! (She laughs)

Lori: Is there anything that surprises you about your clients?

Dr. Escort: When I first started it surprised me how normal they were! They were people that you would meet everyday just looking for a little bit of fun…

Lori: What is the strangest experience that you have had in your line of work?

Dr. Escort: experience with BDSM but I promptly removed myself from the situation.

Lori: How long does an “appointment” usually last?

Dr. Escort: general time is an hour, but I usually have people that make appointments for a couple hours at least. An hour is just never long enough I guess!

Lori: Have you ever hade a crush on one of your clients?

Dr. Escort: Some of them have been cute, but there is always that aspect that you are working. Not that it’s like a real job, but with anything you have to learn to be professional, right – So – they have been cute, but it stops when the appointment stops. A friend has answered this – for the hour I am with them, I have a crush on them and I find that to be the right attitude to make you successful.

Lori: Now, for the personal – stop me if I am getting too nosy… I know that you are in a relationship – Does he know what it is that you do?

Dr. Escort: He does… (She pauses) He had a hard time coping with it at first, I mean its kind of a strange thing to have to deal with. Like the girl you are seeing is having sex for money – but he understands that it is a temporary situation.

Lori: Has there ever been conflict about it?

Dr. Escort: We have had our share of arguments, it is just not feasible for me to quit right now and lately he has come to understand my decision. Work is work, and as long as I am being safe about it than there is nothing to cause conflict.

Lori: How long do you foresee yourself keeping this job?

Dr. Escort: For a couple of years, until I begin my real job – Who knows you might see me around someday all famous and you can say that you knew me when.

Lori: Are there many people in your life who know what is it that you do?

Dr. Escort: Only you and a couple of my other close friends. I don’t think that I would want anyone else to find out – not because I am embarrassed but because of the stigma within it all, you know?

Conclusion about interview with escort girl

Lori: I can empathize with wanting to keep it personal – how do you keep the secret?

Dr. Escort: I pretend to have a job sometimes during the day, and I have school of course but I am not a very out there person – I prefer to keep my life personal. So, I claim that I am a student and have student loans and that my parents supply me with an allowance, and to my parents I claim that I have a high paying part time job. It’s complicated but the only way I know to keep it together!

Lori: Do you feel that people would think differently of you?

Dr. Escort: Oh definitely, its almost as if they would be disappointed but I am getting there, to a successful level and than they can’t say that they are disappointed than!

Lori: Do you have any regrets?

Dr. Escort: Honestly no, I think that people would say I am lying but I am at ease with myself and with the way that my life is right now. It is teaching me a lot, and I have learned a lot about myself.

Lori: You are very strong! Thank you for interviewing with me – I promise to keep your identity a secret too! Stay Safe!